Marko Pukkila, former Altaria and current Stargazery and Shadow Tribe bass player, has been around the European rock scene for over two decades and has worked with a lot of renowned musicians with whom he has toured worldwide.

A big change in Marko Pukkila´s musical career happened in 2000, when he co-founded Altaria with his former Blindside bandmate, drummer Tony Smedjebacka. The band also featured two legendary guitarists: Jani Liimatainen from Sonata Arctica and Emppu Vuorinen from Nightwish. Altaria released four albums and one compilation. All albums were released worldwide. They also toured Europe with Doro and Sonata Arctica and played big festivals such as Monsters Of Rock Kick Off (Germany), Pestpop (Belgium), Nummirock (Finland), Jalometalli (Finland) and Springtime Rockfestival (Germany).

In 2005 Marko Pukkila formed a band called Wicked Outlaw together with former Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson. They wrote songs together, but no official release was ever made.

In 2009 Marko Pukkila teamed up with former Europe guitarist Kee Marcello, Twisted Sister drummer AJ Pero and Bob Gilmartin to record a song called Elephant Man for an upcoming Eric Carr album called Unfinished Business. Elephant Man was intended for KISS' "Revenge" album in 1992, but Eric only managed to finish the lyrics and sadly passed away due to cancer in November of 1991. Making this recording even more touching are backing vocals by Eric´s sister Maria and niece Sara-Jean.

Marko Pukkila has also done a lot of all-star tribute recordings, mainly for the USA market.

He will release his debut solo album on May 24th 2019. “Kiss My Covers” is a cover album featuring a long list of legends such as Vinny Appice, Frankie Banali, Phil Lewis, Keri Kelli, Erik Turner, Rowan Robertson among others. The album is a tribute to all the great bands that had a big influence on Marko´s life and musical career.


with ALTARIA Invitation (2003)
Divinity (2004)
The Fallen Empire (2006)
Divine Invitation (2008)

Kiss My Covers (2019)
Kiss My Covers II (2021)

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